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Bondi’s Best Burger?

Nov 23, 2016  ·  3 min read

cover image by parker blain

words by james phillips

All the best things in life start with B… beach, beers, burgers, babes & Bondi. If this is your sort of mantra, I’ve got the perfect place for you. It’s a short stroll from Bondi Beach, pouring ice cold frothies from the tap and serving up the biggest, most badass burgers you’ve ever seen.

It’s Bonditony’s Burger Joint and it’s the O.G. of Bondi’s blazing burger scene.

Tony Gosden is the Tony in the name and  is best known around these traps for his years in the music industry.

Making good use of his hoarding ways over the past few decades, he has been able to create the ultimate burger joint. Old school rock albums and signed platinum records line the walls accompanied by words of wisdom from famous artists, die-hard locals and random blow-ins.

A big aviator-wearing skull stares at you as you walk in the door and you are immediately hit with the sense that this spot is the most happening place in Bondi.

It’s always packed and pumping with the chef’s in the kitchen rocking out to MJ or The Stones. Effortlessly cool wait staff cap off the atmosphere for one killer burger experience.

Now, these burgers are by no means your post-yoga session eats – It’s more your “Fuck the diet” cheat meal.

The bun may as well be a croissant, the chicken is fried to perfection, the patties are juicy, the veggie patty is to die for and the chips are stacked on like they’re trying to get rid of them.

The buns are made fresh every day at the Nelson Rd Tuckshop Bakery.

The beef, bacon and eggs and chicken all come from Bondi’s very own Field to Fork Butcher and the fish is supplied by the good folk at Bondi Best Seafood.

It’s all organic, free range and grass fed – even the ice cream in the Super Shakes is gluten free. So very Bondi.

A Bonditony’s feed has become a ritual for locals and an unmissable stop for any visitors to the bubble.

Since it’s beginning, people have been begging for more and now their prayers have been answered… by the end of November Bonditony’s Other Burger Joint will be born, just two blocks down the road.

This spot will help to keep up with the demand for take-away’s and to free up the original joint for the legendary staff to focus on delivering every customer the unreal service they’re famous for.

There’s no doubt that every day and night at Bonditony’s this summer will be as electrifying, so make sure you get down to indulge in some of the best that Bondi has to offer.

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