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Bondi Winter Magic 2016

Jun 22, 2016  ·  2 min read

By Ben Stephens.

When it comes to Bondi Beach, there are certain buzzword likes beach or coffee, maybe even active wear, that seem to excite people about spending time in the beachside bubble. Come winter, the beach is still there, just a little wilder though, the coffee is great, maybe a little warmer, and the active wear, well that never goes away.

To throw in some extra enjoyment during colder days is Winter Magic, the annual Bondi winter festival. With the festival about to kick into gear for 2016, there are a number of other buzzwords I need to add to the mix, like camels and ice skating to name but a few.

The Bondi Pavilion will play home to the only beachside ice rink in Australia (according to Bondi Magic). The rink is located just next to the Bucket List, creating a perfect post skate pit stop to what is the most cliché, but never-fail tinder date spot… or just a great place to catch up with some mates. Maybe you want to work on your skate skills? The team at the rink will be hosting lessons every day to get you up and shredding on the ice. You would be well advised to book those tickets early, they tend to be super busy sessions.

On top of all the skating magic, this year for the first time will see Cameleer of some 25 years, Rod Sansom, bring some of his finest four legged friends to Bondi. That’s right, Camels, those humpy things that usually live in the desert will be calling Bondi home for the month of July. They’ll be bringing with them a very Cable Beach/Broome vibe. A fifteen-minute walk across Bondi, atop of a camel will no doubt be a memory that won’t leave you all to soon. Why camels, you say? Why?!

… That’s a bloody good question actually.

Bondi Magic Ice Rink will run July 1 to 17, and the camel rides June 19 to July 30.

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