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Bondi Winter Fashion

May 10, 2016  ·  5 min read

As the seasons transform, so does the fashion… ahhhh, no sh*t. The days of singlets and bikinis are almost gone, and one must don more threads in an effort to both look good and prevent nipple erection. The jacket-jeans-hoodie-layer time of the year is upon us, people. We caught up with Pip Edwards, the style oracle from General Pants Co. and P.E Nation, and Sam Moore, the big dog down at Dead Studios, to get their thoughts on what’s sooo hawt right now.

What styles are going to be bang-on for the guys and the girls this winter?

Pip Edwards (General Pants Co.): It’s all about big oversized sweats and hoodies, paired back with denim and a lot of layering. There is a real sports influence over fashion right now, and really playing to that street sports look, which suits me just fine!

Sam (Dead Studios): For men it’s the distressed layered look. Long dropped tees, worn back with ripped denim, and layered with a Leather jacket or ripped denim jacket. A heavy 90’s influence. For women it’s ‘athleisure’. Combining sportswear sensibilities with street-wear. Sports leggings, worn back with distressed tees, and layered up with tech fabric hoodies and runner jackets.

Hate using this expression, but are there any “must-have” items we should be looking to snatch up?

Pip: The sweat fleece, the 90’s fit jean or a pair of cropped chopped denim, the sports spray jacket and some new, trusty trainers!

Sam: For men it would be our 001 Destroy biker style denim and for women our sports training tights, as worn by Kylie Jenner.

So, to put it bluntly, you’re saying these things will help us pick up?

Pip: I don’t know if I want that kind of pressure on my answers, but you will definitely look the part…

Sam: We can definitely guide you in the right direction, but we can’t hold your hand.

Are black leather jackets ever really out of fashion?

Pip: They are such a good staple. They are functional and always look “cool”. It’s just about making it worn-in and unique to you, I think… that’s why I love a vintage leather jacket.

Sam: Never! Our Team Leather Biker is the perfect jacket to dress up any look, no one ever regretted buying a good leather jacket, they’re like a second skin.

Is Aussie fashion at a good place at the moment?

Pip: There is so much going on with Aussie fashion! There is so much talent, so many great designers and all of them making their mark globally. I think there is a real diversity in our offering and this speaks directly to our awesome landscape and lifestyle. Fashion week is approaching fast and I’m getting super excited to see what’s on show, in addition to my own brand P.E Nation showing for the first time!

Sam: Yes, for sure. Aussie brands are not afraid to push the boundaries and lead the way in terms of trends. There have been a lot of brands getting international success in the past few years.

Who’s bringing the fire? Besides yourself, who can guys and gals follow to get the mad style tips?

Pip: Hahahaha, Christine Centenera is an obvious one. She is a great mate and is super stylish follow her on Insty. Another great person to follow is my other mate, Poppy Lissiman – she is unique and out there and puts her own stamp on style. I love it.

Sam: Our good friend Pip Edwards new active wear brand P.E Nation, and Assembly label for all your basic needs, they are running out more retail stores this year. Keep a close eye on both of these amazing brands.

You’ve had a big night, haven’t yet been home and now you’re out to brekkie… do you hunch over and speak in hushed tones or stand up tall and wear last night’s uniform with pride?

Pip: Firstly, I wouldn’t be at breakfast… I’d still be at the party! Secondly, there is no going home…

Sam: My uniform does not change much from day to night, so people would not except any different. Black ripped jean, worn back with the leather biker.

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