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What’s Trending with Bondi Locals Right Now?

Mar 7, 2018  ·  3 min read

If there’s a suburb with a collective finger on the trendy pulse it’s Bondi.

Who was activating their almonds first? No idea, but probably Bondi. Who started sculling kombucha like it was going out of fashion? B-town had to be up there. Who invented yoga? Believe it or not, it was the beachside bubble.

And now? What Bondi trends are happening, right now? What are the locals doing?

We look at five Bondi trends that are, as Jacobim Mugatu would say, “so hot right now”.

Reformer Pilates

These are not your average Pilates classes. Pilates done with a reformer machine is like mat Pilates with the intensity turned up six notches. The spring-loaded contraption adds resistance to each exercise making it a hell of a lot tougher.

Get your sweat on at Body Mind Life and Pilates Physique.

Coconut Yoghurt

All natural, dairy-free, gluten-free and vegan-friendly handmade coconut yoghurts. If that sounds yum, you’ll be happy to know that Bondi Yoghurt and Bondi Natural both serve up legendary bowls of the white gold.

Why not start your day with something elaborate, like a coconut chia pudding with berries, mango and nut butter? Or something simple, like plain coconut yoghurt and fresh fruit.


Kombucha might’ve started the gut health trend, but look how it’s grown. Everywhere you look you’ll find sauerkraut, yoghurt, kefir, kimchi, tempeh, miso, beet kvass and other probiotic-rich fermented foods.

Having a healthy army of live bacteria and yeast in your belly (“microbiome”) can improve your immunity and mental health, reduce allergic reactions and inflammation, and more.

Hit up The Health Emporium and Nalini’s Wholesome Streetfood for your probiotic fix and listen to the Rich Roll podcast with Dr Ronda Patrick for a full rundown on the matter.

Bondi Beach Public Bar

Not all Bondi trends are health and fitness related. There are still those looking to let loose every night of the week and the latest spot to do so is Bondi Beach Public Bar. In the same building as QT Bondi, and owned by Maurice Terzini (Iceberg’s Dining Room and The Dolphin), this instantly popular new pub ticks a lot of boxes. Good food, good drink and good atmosphere. It’s exactly what you want from a local.

Try the Cotoletta Alla Holstein – Crumbed Chicken, Fried Egg, Anchovy, Caper, Lemon & Rocket, White Mike Russian – Ketel One Vodka, Mr Black, Macadamia Nut Milk, and the No.17 – Campari, Rosemary Rosso Vermouth, Sparkling Blood Orange.

Keto Diet

In very, very simple terms, the ketogenic diet believes that not fat, but sugar is enemy #1 when it comes to our health. By cutting out refined sugar and other sugars (e.g. processed carbs), the body is put in a state of “ketosis”, where the it’s forced to burn fat as its main source of energy. Along with a slimmer waistline, the benefits are said to be increased energy, improved mental clarity, and more.

Listen to the Joe Rogan podcast with Dom D’Agostino for more on the Keto diet, because by all means, we’ve barely scraped the surface here.

words by niall roeder

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