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The Bondi Dilemma: Spring > Summer?

Sep 1, 2017  ·  4 min read

There are four months of the year. But you already knew that.

What you might not know is that Spring (either the third or fourth season, depending on how you look at) is by far the superior time to be in and around the Bondi Bubble.

I hear you ask why? Wouldn’t Summer be the superior season to hop on down to the sandy shores the bubble?

If you’re into mass amounts of humans all staking a claim to a slice sand, yeah sure. If you’re into wrestling with folks to gain a seat on the 333 back to the city, knock yourself out. And If you like lining up for your Cali Press bowl for over 45 minutes, you’ve found your nirvana. Summer in Bondi is stacked in your favour.

Though if you’re into that more chilled out beach lifestyle, then my friend, let me tell you why Spring is your time to get amongst it down here in the bubble.

The Weather
Summer can bring with it temps of 40+. That’s horrible and the human skin shouldn’t be out and about playing in that sort of extreme UV. Welcome to Spring though… It’s 27 degrees this Sunday. What a perfect amount of heat being thrown from that giant ball of heat and light in the sky. The season will defrost from the mid teens to the mid-twenties which creates the perfect environment to get out there and grab some healthy rays. The water temp is sitting at the somewhat comfortable 20 degrees and only gets warmer as we get into the season properly.

Let’s Go Surfing
If you’re looking to be shred this coming season, though you’re unsure which why the fins need to be pointing, the dedicated team at Let’s Go Surfing are reading to write any of your wrongs. The team will have you shredding the walls of water in no time. Spring is a fine time to get out there and learn so come summer, you too can be calling kooks off waves with confidence and feeling like you’re playing a part of the localism culture.

The Bucket List Lines
So it’s Friday afternoon and you’re feeling the need for a bucket of Corona and debrief with your inner circle. You head down to The Bucket List and you find yourself in line trying to get a seat outside. Oh, it must be bloody Summer. Spring sees that problem, just on a way smaller scale. A more manageable scale. The Bucket List is a fine place to spend your Spring afternoons before the crowds take over. Pick your perch.

General Chill
If you were to walk down Campbell Parade right now, there is a general chill in the air. Everything is just dandy. Smiles are common place and everyone just has that Spring-Time-Stoke that spreads across the beach, especially when the sun pops out. Grab a coffee from Saturdays NYC, a croissant from Sonoma and bowl from Cali Press. Enjoy the stoke, because if you look a local in the eye deep enough, you’ll see the summer crowds on the horizon.

words by ben stephens

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