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Bondi Markets

By Niall Roeder…

Speaking to Bondians, Bondites, Bondwellers… whatever you call Bondi locals, they will tell you that if you find yourself in their trendy, café-obsessed, life’s-a-beach town on a Sunday, then you have to check out the hallowed Bondi Markets. The weekly flea market sets up in Bondi Beach School, in front of the golden sands of the iconic Bondi Beach and has quite frankly become a bit of an icon itself. A local institution of designer couture, exotic imports, hand made jewellery, arts, crafts, home wares, retro furniture, vintage clothes and knick knackery; it’s been repping the market scene since way back in ’93.

Bondi Markets are known famously as the spot where the trendy Tsubi (yes, we know it’s now Ksubi) kids started flogging their torn jeans and expensively hip tees, and as the birthplace of the sophisticated silks, laces and denims of Lover. Speedos, Zimmerman, Bailey Nelson, Mania Mania and Samantha Wills also pushed their wares there and look at how far they’ve come. Now you’ll find the handcrafted frames of Sneaking Duck, the exquisite leather craftsmanship of Charlie Middleton and heaps of other creative and (for a lack of a better word) cool stalls. Keep an eye out when strolling around… you might be walking past a fledging version of the next Aussie fashion juggernaut.

Not only for the locals, each Sunday from 10am – 4pm the markets attract curious browsers from all over Sydney and stall operators from over NSW. Being metres from the sand, it’d be rude not to go for a swim before and after you’ve perused your way through the plethora of stalls… And who knows, if you’re English and can’t swim very well, you might even be lucky (unlucky?) enough to be saved by one of the bronzed Bondi Rescue lads.

Bondi Markets deservedly sits in the list of things you simply must do when in Bondi on the weekend. It’s is a hipster’s paradise, a fashion lover’s treasure chest and a great place to kill a few hours in between refreshing swims and cold schooners.

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