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Bondi is Rumbling

Apr 5, 2023  ·  2 min read

Wild weather is forecasted to hit the shores of Sydney’s Bondi Beach, with the Bureau of Meteorology anticipating quite the Rumble… 

Slip, roll and hook, Rumble has entered the Bondi buzz chat, and in the famous words of Lizzo, “it’s about damn time”.  

Fitting don’t you think? That Rumble’s flagship will open down under in our own backyard. Home to without question, the world’s most iconic shoreline and locals who love to chase the endorphins on the daily. It’s time to ditch the outdoor gym and shoulder roll to Hall Street. Rumble we think you’ll fit right in around here.  

Do you Rumble? Or maybe the question is, have you Rumbled? Maybe you’ve danced with the hook before roaming the Walk of Fame in LA? If not, no biggie. Hooks up, it’s time to jab, cross, upper.

You’ll be saved by the bell after 45 minutes, having completed a 10-round full-body cardio and strength workout! What do you do for 45 minutes? You box, hook and jab at specifically designed water-filled, teardrop style boxing bags. Need to blow off some steam? You guessed it, Rumble.  

To put you in the mood, think old school meets new school. Smooth modern classics, blended with hip-hop and house, red room eat your heart out. Rumble will be slinging back and taking care of the beats – Biggie and Prince included!  

Need a little extra push to try something new? It’s tried and tested, and those with world famous boots, like David Beckham, are now chasing titles for world famous hooks. 

Surely we’re in the running for an Erewhon post Rumble’s opening? Start the petition, we’d sign it.  

Roll on up and step into the ring. At Bondi we’re officially down to Rumble, so join us won’t you? Come see what all the fuss is about.

Try Rumble today.

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