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QT Presents: Bondi Eats with Bondi Harvest



If you’ve lived in or even visited Bondi, there’s a bloody good chance you’ve caught wind of Bondi Harvest. Although it’s only been around for three years, you wouldn’t be considered daft labelling it a local institution.

Bondi Harvest is the food and lifestyle baby of hipster chef, Guy Turland and creative kid, Mark Alston. Boasting a love of Bondi, the ocean and wholesome grub, the two started Bondi Harvest as an online TV series, exploring fresh, local and seasonal food paired with a laid-back and healthy living. Since then, they’ve released a cook book, opened the aforementioned café in Bondi Junction and most recently one in Santa Monica, in ‘Murica (f*ck yeah!).

We caught up with Guy to get his view on Bondi. The man has lived in the beachy suburb and been actively involved in the world famous Bondi food bubble for the last 15 years. He’s owned the Nth Bondi café, Jo and Willey’s Depot for 8ish years and has been killing it with all the Bondi Harvest jazz for the last three. So yeah, you could say he knows Bondi… especially from a food perspective. He’s really passionate about chow. Walking around the Bondi Farmers Markets with this fella, you get a feel for how a chef’s mind ticks over; avidly smelling, sampling and sensing the freshly grown produce as his gastronomic engine is sparked into motion, and pausing as the flavour inspiration flutters in front of his eyeballs like dollar signs on a cashed-up cartoon character… whereas, us ‘normies’ see a nice-lookin’ strawberry and think, ‘mmm, that’s a nice strawberry’, much like a drooling Homer Simpson. Check out what Guy has to say:

Guy’s Bondi Tips  

Besides Bondi Harvest and Jo and Willey’s Depot, where does this bloke head? We asked and he told…

Drake Eatery

According to Guy, Drake Eatery has ‘epic food and chilled vibes’. A stylish café by day and chic restaurant by night, Drake Eatery has a regularly changing menu curated by Bondi local and superstar chef, Ian Oakes. Make sure you try the freshly shucked oysters and adventurous cocktails.

Bucket list

Ah yes, the Bucket List; sunny cocktails literally meters from the sand. There’s a solid vibe here each night, but Sunday sessions really pump in this joint. Get yourself a wooden outdoor table and hit up the jugs of cocktails… you can’t lose.

Gertrude and Alice Café Bookstore

Guy is partial to popping into Gertrude and Alice’sfor a chilled chai tea and hours of reading books and finding inspiration’. This cafe bookstore is a local’s favourite and when you check it out, you’ll know why


‘World class sunsets… dinner like no other in Bondi. The view, food and wine it top spectacular’. If you’ve been here, you’d know this is it in a nutshell. The view at Icebergs is stunning, break taking and *pick a similar adjective*. Is it always talked about? Yes. It over talked about? Yes. Are the views stunning? God, yes.

Raw Bar

Head here ‘for the freshest sushi in Bondi with an ocean breeze’. Another local’s favourite, Raw Bar has been beachside for over 20 years. The sashimi is fresh, the service consistent and the plates inventive – this is quality Japanese.

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