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Bondi Beef Brisket

Oct 14, 2016  ·  2 min read

By Oliver Hanson

A sandwich is a beautiful thing. It sits atop the throne of lunch time treasures. I grew up with vegemite sandwiches on stale white bread. A glorious and simple concoction which helped me to grow to 6”7. So as an admirer of the mighty sandwich, I have often battled over the philosophical and ideological question – When is a sandwich, no longer a sandwich?

At 11am every day, Monty’s Sandwich Shop opens the slow cooker to reveal an almighty surprise. Their custom slow cooked beef and pork with spices is fantastical and the only thing like it in Bondi. On the corner of Curlewis and Glenayr, this is a local secret and something which has become a regular haunt of yours truly.

My bi-weekly sandwich routine always starts with a bang…

7am. Coffee from the Emporium Barber

10am. Coffee from Harry’s (Always on point)

11am. The tummy gurgling begins

12.30pm. It’s Sandwich time. Hell Yeah.

I begin my walk north on Curlewis past a plethora of lunch time contenders. Neighbourhood and Brown Sugar represent something special, but I’m of the opinion they are better enjoyed with beer, now is not that time, unfortunately, there is still work to be done.

I come across Lock Stock next, which is a solid performer no doubt, good service in a restaurant setting.

However, today is sandwich day and that means a chillaxed environment.

Monty’s is across the road.

At $12.95 it represents some serious value with the legendary Beef Brisket piled high, sauerkraut, pickles and secret Russian dressing. Monty’s has a super relaxed vibe and the food comes out quick.

I like that. Once again I’m not disappointed. I don’t think I ever will be.

12 hour slow cooked Beef Brisket blended with an assortment of worldly condiments rocks Bondi like nothing else.

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