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Bondi Bakeries

words by ben stephens

The smell of fresh bread is like nothing else. The possibilities of what that loaf could achieve are almost endless. Like being a foundation player in the smashed avocado trend; for without its presence you would be left with guacamole. Making the humble loaf o’ bread the real MVP.

But then what about the sausage roll, made from NSW farmed pork and minced together with the finest fennel this country has ever seen, creating a food item that melts in the mouth. You then have the meat pie, an Australian staple, a pivotal piece of pie in what makes this nation great.

All this coming from a skilled baker, a trade as old as time.

All of this and more can be found in Bondi, you just need to know where to look. So with further adjure, here is QT’s guide to Bondi’s bakeries:

Shuk Bakery
A little walk away from the bubble (10 minutes into North Bondi), you’ll find Shuk. A café, bakery and deli set up, where you’ll feel very mucha t home. Pay close attention to the cakes and tarts. From the Apple & Caramel Custard tart that makes me go funny with those flavours to the Banana Mousse Cake… They’re so damn good. Oh also, a huge shout out to the Banana Bread. It’s delicious and goes with a long black with a dash of milk like they were made for each other.

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Funky Pies
Vegan food has that weird and very untrue stigma about how bland it can be. Then it’s left to places like Funky Pies to dispel the myths, luckily, though, they’ve gone and hit it out of the park! Take for example the classic Funky Chunky Pie the thing is packed with Shiitake Mushrooms and mashed potato with a rich gravy. Straight out tasty and no meat required. The menu plays host to curry, satay and Bolognese pies that all need to be tried for the pastry alone. Beautiful.

It’s hard to say it’s the best. Let’s just say they take out top spot when it comes to coffee and sourdough, to even the playing field. The bread menu reads like a dream, though I recommend playing to your temptations when you spot the Kalamata Olive loaf, that thing makes my insides tingle. Also, a great place for a morning coffee if you’re coming off the beach from a sunrise dip… why not grab one of those croissants as well.

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