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An Epic Saturday at Bondi

By Niall Roeder.

Want to know how to have an epic Saturday in Bondi? Well then read on my eager friend, read on.

Sauna and brekkie @ Bondi Icebergs: 6 – 9am

There’s no better venue to watch the sun rise than Australia’s oldest swimming club. Wake up by splashing out a couple of laps, followed by a sauna with undoubtedly the best view of any damn sauna in the world. Watch the hive of ocean activity and embrace the colourful local veterans and their unique steam room conversations… And if they start a heated debate about whether to put water on the coals or not – best stay out of it.

At some stage, the stomach will start to rumble. Bondi’s number one religion is coffee, so whether a piccolo latte, double shot cap or tall black floats you espresso boat, grabbing a cuppa is a no-brainer. There are a million places to get a solid coffee in Bondi, but today we’re going to the Iceberg’s Terrace. Besides a brew, we don’t want anyone getting hangry (hunger-induced anger) so if you’re feeling a little dusty from the six BBQ Margaritas you downed at Neighbourhood last night you should opt for an organic egg, prosciutto and Asiago cheese breakfast panini. If you were well behaved last night, you could continue your health streak and grab an avocado, spinach, kale, coconut water and-heaps-of-other-healthy-stuff Super Green Smoothie. Could being the operative word. Either way, you’ll be sipping and munching overlooking the surfer’s, swimmers and bronzed buttocks of Bondi beach. The morning sun is high enough to glaze warmly, but not yet burn. This is nice, really damn nice.

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