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4 winter fashion items

May 26, 2016  ·  3 min read

By Janika Galloway.

Just because Bondi summer is dying, doesn’t mean your wardrobe has to… just sayin’.

Winter… is that you? It’s that time again, Bondi is officially turning seasons and the first thing that the locals tend to change in light of this is their wardrobe choices. Swap those Birkenstocks for some Converse and dust off those retro jumpers, the time has come to start incorporating a bit of Bondi chic into that winter wardrobe of yours, and below are the essentials.

Sweats and Hoods

Look, it wouldn’t be Bondi without those wardrobe pieces that scream “I didn’t try a bit but still look so bloody good” and you can’t go wrong with a hipster jumper or some sweats. Talk about comfy, there is actually nothing better in this world than putting on a comfy jumper or trackies and it being “fashionable”.


One can do no wrong with a good pair of leather boots. Not only fit for any weather condition (yes it does rain in winter and your feet get soaked), they also can easily be dressed up or down pending your plans. They weren’t kidding, these boots are made for walking, and one can walk from the south to the north in comfort so long as the heel isn’t too high (so shop smart ladies). Go for something ultra Bondi with detailed embellishments and let the shoes do the talking.

PLUSH • Step into these boots by Toga • Now in store and online #tuchuzy #togapulla

A photo posted by Tuchuzy (@tuchuzystore) on

Bomber Jacket

With the resurrection of 90’s street grunge, it’s safe to say the final touch to any outfit in Bondi should be a kickass bomber jacket. Make a statement with big, bold prints like the Stussy Camo Bomber and keep warm but cool.


Last but not least – you’ll need a beanie, to keep those ears warm and hide your mop. Pop one of these bad boys on and you’ll be mistaken for a Bondi local in no time at all. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

So there we have the quick wrap, and whilst we all go into slight denial that summer is not still thriving, at least we won’t freeze and will live to see another summer.

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