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3 Bondi Drinks To Tick Off The List

Aug 5, 2016  ·  2 min read

By Niall Roeder.

This shotgun spiel was designed to be read with haste, so get to it. Despite our tech-obsessive actions, the world is actually outside and not contained in our phones. So read this as quickly as your beady little eyes allow, and then get out there and drink some liquor… but not just any old swill. These are three drinks that you need to tick off the list in Bondi.

‘Hood’s Zombie @ Neighbourhood

Good googly moogly, this thing could raise the dead. If someone tries to tell you that they’ve had something like this before, they’re lying. Listen to this lineup; Appleton Estate Reserve, Goslings Black Seal, house-blended rum with Pampero Especial, McGorma’s Fine Old Pimento Dram, apricot brandy, absinthe, Angostura bitters, fresh grenadine, a trio of citrus and fresh pineapple.

Side it with some tater tots (potato gems) with nacho cheese sauce and jalapeños, and when it’s served confuse the waiter/waitress by looking at the tots and saying, “you’re a bloody gem”.

Dewasansan Junmai Ginjo Sake @ Chapter One

This is an expensive drop, but a good drop. You’re going to look like both a baller and cultured if you order one of these bad boys. After your first sniff and taste, start dropping knowledge like, “it’s very floral… I’m getting hints of cherry blossoms and pear” and you’ll be teetering on the edge of being a tosspot, but if delivered with a wry grin you’ll come off winning. Either way, it’s a good drop, so give it a crack.

Bloody Caesar @ Stuffed Beaver

They describe this concoction as the Canadian version of a Bloody Mary. The Canucks, those lovable rogues, throw chilli infused vodka, a celery stick, dill pickle, tabasco, Worcestershire sauce and clamato juice into their hangover cure (cause?). It’s the type of drink that’ll put hairs on your chest (male gym junkies and ladies in general relax, I’m talking metaphorical hairs) and goes down swimmingly with a serving of Baja Fish Tacos.

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