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The 2017 City2Surf

Jun 26, 2017  ·  2 min read

words by ben stephens

For those you still to compete, the morning od the City2Surf, Sydney edition begins in the heart of the city at Hyde Park. The feeling builds, there are 10’s of thousands of other runners around you; it’s cold and early, you would rather be in bed as it is a Sunday. But you have 5 minutes before your group hears the starting pistol and the race towards Bondi gets underway.

There is nothing like it. This is due to largely to the location. With the start line of Sydney City and the shores of the Eastern ‘burbs being the finish line, welcome to the 2017 edition of The Sun Herald City2Surf 2017.

We are about two months out from the second Sunday in August and that means if you haven’t started training, now is a perfect time to organise a group. You could easily start at doing 5kms this week, 7.5kms the week after to 10kms the week after that and then push to the 14km, just so you know how you’re body will feel once you complete the big ol’ race.

There’s a stack of free training hosted by some experienced runners, so if you’re looking to focus on your steady runs, harness you wild horses with interval training or hone in on building endurance and cardio, check out the schedule HERE

Surfing legend Sally Fitzgibbons will be in town for the whole race and will be hosting a 45-minute workout pre-race day to get the body flowing while you collect your race bib.

This year the organisers are looking to raise $5,000,000.00 for more than 900 charities, with just under $1M being raised with still so much time before race day.

If you’re feeling keen as a bean to smash out the 13.9km, then your time is now. Enter now, it’ll push you to crush your training and then those post race beers will taste that much better.

See you out there!

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