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Spring Sips

Sep 21, 2018  ·  3 min read

There are so many fab things to get up to whilst here in Queenstown, but when it comes to locals, I can tell you there’s a good chance there’s no jumping out of planes, zipping about in boats, or swinging over canyons. They’ll be found conquering mountains, swimming in glacial rivers, eating cheese and indulging in good, solid drinks.  Who doesn’t appreciates a well-made drink? Whether you’re finishing up a tough day of work or a long day of nothing, you’re going to always savour a well-crafted cocktail – and we’ve got your back.

Next month we’re launching a whole new cocktail list and menu at Reds, and you better believe it’s got us all excited and jiggly. We’ve still got the classics, so there is nothing to fear here. Roll up, order a Negroni and know that everything is as it should be. Or order off the Negroni menu (that’s right), our favourite Italian comes in mash-up variations. Some of Queenstown’s best and brightest cocktail makers and shakers (dare I say it…”mixologists”) put their brains to the test and crafted some perfectly balanced Negroni specials. On the other hand, we have the icon of hot weather (Italian also, unsurprisingly because they do everything way too well) – The Spritz. What’s your ego saying? Aperol, Bombay, Cocchi or Shakey… There’s literally a Spritz for all days in all ways.

Even if you’re the indecisive kind, we’ve got you covered. There’s nothing worse than walking up to a busy bar, asking the barman to “surprise you” and ending up with the worst drink ever (Bourbon and milk anyone?!). Our guys know they can’t read the inner-workings of your little human mind, so instead we’ve fashioned a “get to know you” card. Fill in your preferences, note any dietary alliances, and BOOM! They’ll whip up something to make your tastebuds (and ONLY yours) do a lil’ hippie-hippie-shake.

Not to focus on just on alcohol (if you’ve had a cocktail at Reds, can you blame me?!) we are rolling out a new menu as well! Taking advantage of fresh flavours and zesty fun, you’re going to find our staples as always, but also a few little surprises to throw in the mix. Think Kingfish ceviche, pea guacamole, mozarella flatbread, razor-shaved octopus, lamb shoulder bon-bons…

Oops sorry I just busted up my keyboard by drooling all over it. Obviously those ingredients aren’t all combined together.. They’re in their own little party with complimentary friends to give you a taste sensation to carry you through the night.

So, make like a Queenstown legend, get yourself wet and wild in the lake and follow it up getting a “Little Sassy and Lotta Fun” in Reds bar for a spring special to knock ya togs off.

words by olivia glynn

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