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Double-tap your way to Queenstown

Mar 13, 2018  ·  4 min read

Queenstown is known as one of the most awe-inspiring, beautiful, and photo-worthy destinations in the world. And, we all know that IG, Insta, The ‘Gram, ‘the app that has you scrolling into the wee hours of the morning’ … whatever you want to call it, Instagram is a huge motivator when it comes to wanderlust.

We’re giving your wanderlust a push down south with some noteworthy Instagram accounts based on Queenstown, all by people that call this photogenic playground ‘home’. They might just have you booking a ticket to Queenstown ASAP, be it return or one way.

So, move over heavy AF travel guides, we’re travelling the hashtag way.

Let’s #wanderlust #queenstown #queenstownlive #travel #explore.


Queenstown Life is written and curated by a local lass who has called Queenstown home for the last 10 years. Jane’s lifestyle and travel blog of the same name is the biggest component in this storytelling machine, and her Instagram account supports the main event with bomb photos from Queenstown to Wanaka and even beyond. Queenstown Life was created to write about “People’s Stories First”. Jane works with local businesses and, in the process, she’ll make you laugh, make your eyes pop with delight, whether you’re scrolling up and down or cracking up swiping from story to story. The Queenstown Life Instagram is the perfect balance of the written word, food, photography and humour.


You’re probably familiar with Liz Carlson, the incredible woman behind the world’s leading solo female travel blog, Young Adventuress. Eight years ago saw the birth of Young Adventuress, which now gets half a million clicks every month, with a double-tap heavy following of 197,000 on Instagram. A self-proclaimed homebody with a strong calling for adventure, Liz’s jetsetter lifestyle is the dream job and she has the photos to prove it.

When she’s not on one of her lucrative global adventures (girl just got back from Antartica), the Young Adventuress is settled in the mountains of Wanaka, New Zealand – and she has some spectacular photos of home too.


Born and bred Queenstown treasure proves that nature always wins. As a passionate landscape and astrophotography photographer, the man can take some breathtaking pics of epic proportions. Now, you’d think a jaw-dropping feed like this requires meticulous planning and organisation, but some dudes just walk in the light, because this untamed talent approaches his photography like most of us approach our morning traffic – just going with the flow.

“.. expectation can sometimes blind you from the beauty in front of you … At least 90% of my best images were unplanned.”


Misssnowitall spends her time seeking the freshest powder, so naturally, a few months of her year is spent in Queenstown. From heli-skiing to cat skiing, backcountry huts, apres ski parties and altitude spas, Misssnowitall reports on all things remotely ski and snowboard related from way down in Central Otago to the European Alps and the North American slopes the rest of the time. Winter is coming so settle in and get used to some Queenstown snow porn.

So there we have it … a list of local treasures! If you’re somehow still not convinced, check out; QT Queenstown, to see Queenstown from a QT perspective, Trey Ratcliff for some almost, surrealist moments in time or #queenstownlive.

words by chris lee

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