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Get your walk on

Sep 28, 2018  ·  3 min read

When you’re on holiday, more often than not the last thing on your mind is exercise. However, when you’re on holiday, there’s ALSO a huge chance you’re going to be eating and drinking your way to high heaven and may wander back to your departure plane a few kilos heavier than when you arrived (presents not included). We are big fans of indulgence. I mean, there is absolutely ZERO judgment passed if you visit Bazaar for breakfast and dinner daily during your entire stay (in fact, it’s encouraged), or if you sleep in until 2pm and sheepishly request some fresh towels – we are here for it. If you’re looking to laze with a little less guilt, we have some options for you.

While we are surrounded by hikes and mountains galore (more on this in another post, stay tuned loyal fellows) there are several butt-burning options literally right here on QT’s doorstep. The weather is turning oh-so-warm, a lot of snow is melting off the mountains (boo!) but this does mean, you can wander straight up the summit behind us and not have to bother with ice-hiking gear (yay!).

Situated on the back side of our beautiful little spot, we have the Ben Lomond Track. For the brave, you can hike the 7 hour return to the summit, if you’re looking for something more chill, you can hit the saddle in 5 hours return, or you can literally just bypass via the Gondola and hike the 45 minute Tiki Trail up to Skyline. These trails are all connected and all lead to the same incredible views, based on how much leg work you’re willing to put in.

If you want to go a little easier, Queenstown Hill may be your jam. Now, when I say easier, I don’t mean it’s a stroll in the park – you’ll still be a sweaty red-faced hot-mess (that may come from personal experience). It starts right in town and is around an hour one way, offering wicked views of our pretty little town. It’s a well-worth-it slog, especially for those golden hours of sunrise and sunset. Up the top you’ll also find the famous Basket of Dreams – not only will you be working off The Ferg, you’ll also learn some fantastic little facts about Queenstown. There are information plates placed along the track – dangling little fact-carrots to get you to the top, on the town’s history and the native Maori settlements.

For the far more chill version, head down to the Queenstown Gardens for a beautiful stroll around the pond, hang out with the ducks and watch the Frisbee golfers (no seriously, watch them. Those things hurt). If you want to up the ante slightly and give your heart a reason to dance, join in on the weekly park run with all the Queenstown locals – every Saturday at the ANZAC memorial gates at 8AM. If you jump on and register here for free, track your progress, and afterwards you can head to a local cafe, surround yourself with coffee and pastries and have some solid belly-laughs with all the other early birds.

words by olivia glynn.

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