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In Room Art at QT Queenstown

Jan 15, 2018  ·  3 min read

Sometimes it’s easy to miss things that stare you right in the face. Whether you’re looking for your glasses that are sitting on your head or at the best friend that was ‘the one’ all along. Now, moving on from every rom-com plot line … QT are here to help you delve deeper into the artistic indulgences that surround you in your guest room at QT Queenstown with the aim to feed all art-hungry souls. Our talented collaborators, interior designer Nic Graham and stylist Anna Roberts, have kitted out our guests rooms with exceptional art for you to take in – bed or bathside.

Here’s a little bit about our favourite contributors …


Mahn is a native of Montana and works out of Chicago. He’s primarily an abstract painter with patterns and geometric shapes encompassing his most recent works. Mahn works within certain parameters, like painting in monochrome or allowing himself a single minimal gesture, such as fracturing a plane or shifting a single line to create a piece. These constraints create a peculiar sense of harmony through unifying a wide range of singular actions and minimising redundancy. With a nod to optical art practices, these simple disturbances offer impressions of space and movement, shifting the two-dimensional plane into a dynamic state.

Definitely an eclectic piece that we’re happy to wake up to in the morning!

Side note: Mahn will present a solo exhibition of original works at TWFINEART Gallery in Fortitude Valley, QLD this October 2018.


Based in Australia’s culture capital, Melbourne, Lauren Simmonds’ art on our walls is made up of carefully constructed line works. And, like Mahn, she works within the defined parameters of her rectangular canvas. Her work can be described as unusual beauty due to working with fragile and everyday materials, such as paper and plastics which tear easily and disintegrate. Simmonds’ creations are a structural exploration containing very clean, minimal line drawings, inspired by diverse sources including bone studies, Rorschach inkblot prints, symmetry in nature, and lace work.

Left to Right: Lauren Simmonds, Clay Mahn


Where possible, we use local artists to truly bring a piece of the community to our hotel rooms but sometimes we need to make an exception when such a talent is found. Bob Steiner is a renowned New Zealand ceramic artist living in Auckland. Steiner’s work captures the essence of Aotearoa’s fauna and flora, presenting a quintessentially Kiwi portfolio.

The stylised tuis which perch on your double vanity in the QT rooms are a result of his experience mastering a handcrafted pottery. Steiner’s handmade sculptural ceramic tuis flew South from Auckland while wearing a stunning shade of pink, which has been mixed exclusively for us to complement the white marble floor and copper accent. #bathroomgoals

If you think these bad boys look good on screen, wait until you see it in person. Make it happen here.

words by chris lee

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