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Audi Quattro Winter Games

Aug 26, 2018  ·  3 min read

Queenstown is home to thrill and adventure seekers looking for a good time, and even better, a chance to show off their wicked skills to adoring fans (myself included – they’re ninjas, I’m a snowboarding panda). We have a lot of good fluffy white stuff this season, so the Audi Quattro Winter Games are set to be an absolute highlight in the extreme. Spread across our mountain ranges, there is so much fun to be had – parties, DJ’s, backflips, half-pipes, free-riding, stacks into clouds of snow… It’s all going to be there. Join in on the fun decked out in the best and boldest ski-gear, trust us, the 80’s are BACK- call ya mum!

The calendar is set from now until to the 8th of September, and while I’d love to give you specific times and dates, there really aren’t any. This is the beauty of our mountains – everything is set to change in the blink of an eye, and days could pass with nothing gnarly in sight but a cold front (yay for powder!) If you’re over here and sore from days up the mountain, take some time out to sit and watch the pros do what they do best, which is fall down mountains with a whole lotta style.

There are honestly so many events, and a lot of them are free to attend and bask in the glory of the good, so rather than detail them here – I’m going to direct you straight to the base of it all, their website. We have events right here at our Queenstown mountains, The Remarkables and Coronet Peak, so you’ve got a short trip up a steep mountain to check out the fun. If you’re in to the big, big crazy air half-pipe mentality, then you’ll want to skip over the Crown Range to Cardrona and park yourself by the Park to watch them literally soar.

There are many exciting snow sport athletes from all over the world coming to battle it out down here in the Southern Hemisphere, so there will be some big names kicking around town if you’re into that. Disclaimer: The only issue is that people look very different across our polar altitudes. Compare town where the weather is mighty fine versus up the freezing mountains with buffs and goggles all up in your face. But surely any shredder would be stoked to be mistaken for a big name, so around here – everyone is famous.

words by olivia glynn

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