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A Gentleman’s Evening at QT Canberra

Posted on: 05 June 2017

The phenomenon of facial hair has enjoyed a distinct renaissance over the past decade, serving to remind us all of the cynical nature of fashions and trends.

From the bearded lady to bushy hipsters, a series of photographic works of people sporting impressive and interesting facial hair is on display at QT Canberra.

The photographs featured were taken by award-winning photographer Brock Elbank, and include actor John Hurt.

The exhibition began as a charity project when Elbank teamed up with Jimmy Niggles known for his charity called Beard Season in Australia, raising awareness about skin cancer through persuading men to grow beards and start a much needed conversation about the importance of regular skin checks during the winter season.

Jimmy Niggles says of skin checks- ‘Everyone says they want to get a check but never get around to it, so we thought if we can convince someone to make the commitment to grow a beard – we can convince them to get a check. The most at risk are blokes, aged 18-45. The same people we want to take part. Now, we have tens of thousands of ambassadors all over the world. And we save an average of a life a week.’

Brock Elbank adds his project is much more than just about beards – ‘It’s just interesting people, a real cross-section of society that will be brought together in this show.’

“It started out as a side project that soon became a full-time labour of love. Over 1,500 beards applied world-wide for the 54 places, travelling from Australia, Brazil, Sweden, Germany, Italy and the U.S. to name a few…including artist Gavin Turk, Footballer Tim Howard, Style Guru Nick Wooster and actor Sir John Hurt.

The subjects of Elbank’s photographs are diverse in much the same way the beards are.

Elbank took his first photograph for the collection in 2004, featuring his friend Miles Better who is a tattooist in Soho.

To celebrate, QT Canberra hosted an intimate evening of style, art and whiskey, for discerning gentleman and ladies alike, with complimentary grooming at The Barber Shop to keep men looking sharp.

Beverage partners Chivas Regal Whiskey and Lord Nelson Brewery Beers paired with a tasting menu by the culinary team at QT Canberra, including Truffle Mac ‘n’ Cheese, Pig Burger, Pork Bao, Dry Aged Beef & Barolo Wine Mini Pie, Pea Mash Floater and Vegetarian Sweet Potato & Corn Empanadas.

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