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They say to start the New Year the way you want to see the year through. When there’s a celebration, a Q and T aren’t far behind.

Gather your nearest and dearest this New Year’s Eve and treat yourself to the decadent finale you deserve, QT style.

Devour indulgent feasts or party on the rooftop where unconventional reigns supreme. It’ll be a glass clinking, bottle-popping and bubbly affair in the best kind of way.

And the morning, if there has to be a room spinning, why not make it the best one there is. Wake up with us. We’re betting 2023 is going to be just beautiful.

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We hate to play favourites, but some of our guests are lavished with even more special attention than usual. Want to know what you’re missing out on?

Join The QT Club right now – we’ll keep it just between us.

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