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The town that time forgot

The alpine valley is a magnet for the strong and bold that adventure their way through all season long. But the town the time forgot breeds a new kind of excitement, the likes of which mimic the epic venture of a Himalaya delight. In the morning mist of the valley, Mount Buffalo stands tall, an Australian ‘Dawn Wall’. You see enthusiast’s spider up decomposing granite walls and leap in hang gliders from the rim.

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In this headquarters for dare devils alike, aptly sits the grand old lady herself on cliffs edge, The Mount Buffalo Chalet. Gazing out across the alpine valley, she has many a story but since closing down has a terrifically horrifying embodiment of The Chalet from the Shining. Now deserted, beautiful dance halls remain empty, accommodation beds still neatly made as you peer in. Not to put a sour taste in any visitor’s mouth, it’s the reason why we love the town that time forgot. From the generations that have visited the 110 year old, many stories are shared from European Luxury from World War 2 to a Victorian Railway refreshment of luxury.

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While the Grand Old Lady remains a hub for adventure activity, the realm of challenges that one can enjoy will breathe new life into the ideas that perhaps are sealed off from the regular world. Underground river caving, cliff picnics, abseiling, rockclimbing and Kayaking available on Mount Buffalo.

For some, the game may be played on the wall itself, perhaps for others it’s the enjoyment of the onlooker. Never to fear, for there is something for all on the grand plateau. Lake Catani boasts an idyllic camp area, surrounded by the iconic alpine ash and snow gum forests. Abundant wildlife, picnic spots aplenty, views to take your breath away and memories to be made while you whittle away your days in this pristine alpine patch. The Chalwell Galleries allow for rock hopping play, and views from the Horn and the Cathedral are nothing short of breathtaking.

To visit a town, that has its own world – Mount Buffalo is in eyesight from the Falls Creek Plains.

words by natasha payne


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