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Soundcheck on Skis

Music is an essential part of mountain life, booming invigorating tunes turning your turns into that of your favourite ski flick. Harness the power of song and belt out a tune at the top of your lungs while carving the bejesus out of the piste. We have our favourite ski picks, both of new and old but always in a style of unimaginable quirk and grace that will downright cultivate a skiing experience like no other.


Cream’s White Room composition matches the mountain life vernacular for the holiest of grails—the white room. With a slow orchestral build your adrenaline rises, then faced with that brief moment of heart-pounded silence. One breath in and you are with the music, in the white room. A heroic decline of jam-packed adrenaline shredding, the guitar unified with your turns, improvising ruthlessly in timeless class.

Re-enter the mountain with childlike wonderland, bathing in the harmonic visions and psychedelic truths of Matt Corby’s “No ordinary life”. On days when a joyous journey turns into a whimsical voyage of mountain delight simply allow the skis to take you on the path less taken. As a reminder to escape the monotony of day to day life truly float away to hyper-melodic happiness. The only rule here? A few beers, a sunny day and great company are of the most necessary.

“Oi….wait for me!!!” . #fallscreek #adventureyourway

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Have a dreaded mogul run no more by creating a synchronised techno bliss. Eurhythmics’ have you covered here, it turns out that sweet dreams are really made of these. You notice that fabulous 80’s skiers where both in the prime of mogul domination (and undoubtable fantastic fashion) and we just have to draw the tie – with sythpop skiing, no wonder these moguls turned to the dreaded trap into textured perfection – who in the world could disagree?

Powder pockets within quintessential tree runs are of the upmost fun and complimented best with electric guitar motifs, in Redbone (plot twist: North East Party House’s cover). Fleeting rhythm and rhyme that will have you bouncing throughout the course will lead into all tumbles of fun with this genre-infused feel-good anthem. The spoiler? Wait until ‘Dance Yrself Clean’ by LCD SoundSystem – taking your skiing adventure into all kinds of moody vibes.

A journey awaits, and perhaps your next ski edit.

words by natasha payne

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