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A Look at Artist Jessie Pitt

Not that long ago was a time where voluntarily choosing to climb a mountain would indicate a slight touch of lunacy. Mountains have often been thought to be harsh, desolate places that embody ideas of the cold and unforgiving. However, mountains have this incredible hold on us, as we walk the line of fright and awe, and many just can’t get enough. They are dominating and bold juxtaposed with an upper world of beauty that we try evermore to seek out.

With these thoughts in mind, enter Victorian artist Jessie Pitt. Deeply connected to mountainous landscapes including Falls Creek, Jessie paints this tightrope affair we have with the mountains and absolutely captures the power and mystery. In doing this she seizes the mood of the hills, both dramatic and subtle in monotone expression.

Being part of the Falls Creek Ski School and Falls Creek Race Club for many years Jessie has inspired many in the art of skiing and encouraged a love of all things mountains. From the dance of skiing on a glacier to painting the delicacies of emotion, Jessie has captured the true experience of the Alps in person and in her art.

Working with various mediums to create artwork such as charcoal, graphite, drawing ink, acrylic on canvas or paper, and currently un-stretched canvas, Jessie builds layers of each face creating true depth and translucency in her work. Her latest exhibition harnesses this meaning by focusing on the stillness found in nature. Mountain peaks are both irresistible and formidable, they are both loud and quiet and all in all, reserved and respected by the world around them. Jessie showcases this beauty and peril in a breath that leaves any viewer still. We are both proud of and in awe of this fantastic artistic talent that has spent so much time in Falls and we definitely believe her art is one to seek out and experience.

You’re invited to the exhibition of ‘Stille’ exhibition at No Vacancy Gallery, QV Building, Melbourne. Spread the word and enjoy!

words by natasha payne

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